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Open House Thanksgiving Weekend, Fri - Sun

I will be having an Open House at my studio Thanksgiving weekend, from Friday to Sunday. My studio is located at 326 Route 28N, one mile north of North Creek. Look for the sign and the Open flag!
I will be offering my silver and copper jewelry and pottery and a 10 to 20% sale. I hope to see you there!

Northern Woods Studio: Some Raw Stone Jewelry


Some Raw Stone Jewelry


Pet Urn, Dog Urn, Keepsake Jar -Ready to Ship

Good for up to 50 pounds. 5 1/2 inches tall. Chun Plum glaze. Ready to ship.

It's Time - I need to end Althea's suffering

We tried everything we could, yet Althea still can't pass urine and manure completely. She keeps getting impacted, and can't get rid of the infection in her bladder. It's breaking my heart, but she's so then uncomfortable and only a visit ftom the vet to un-impact her plus tubing her with mineral oil helps. It's no way to live. Althea will cross over Saturday morning at 6:30 AM unless she gets sicker before then. I know she doesn't really know me, but I want to make sure her spirit guides are there and I want to sing her over as she crosses. Please keep her in your thoughts.

What is Totem Jewelry?

What is totem jewelry?
According to Webster's, a totem is:
: something (such as an animal or plant) that is the symbol for a family, tribe, etc., especially among Native Americans : a usually carved or painted figure that represents such a symbol : a person or thing that represents an idea In shamanism, a totem animal is a power animal. How do you find your power animal? You journey to find it, or you have a shaman journey to find it for you. The shaman belief is that if a person doesn't have a power animal, he/she won't live very long in infancy. We all have power animals; we just don't know them. They are waiting for us to come and meet them. If you dream about an animal frequently, or see an animal often, it could be your power animal trying to get your attention. It could also be a sign of something that you need to pay attention to. So...getting back to the original, totem jewelry is jewelry that honors your power animal. That reminds you of the love and protection you c…

Story of Northern Woods Studio and Three Feathers Jewelry

I did serious rescue from 2007 to 2010, bringing up from the south and rehoming about 3000 dogs and puppies. My last summer of serious rescue, I took three dogs from a local vet who was the clearing house for dogs in this area. If I didn't take them, they were going to die.
I put them in the kennel we were renting. Since they came from the northeast, I assumed they had their vaccinations. One of them got very ill, with tremors and seizures, and then the other two.  My vet told me he thought it was distemper, as they had a case in the office the other day. Distemper??? I had dealt with parvo hundreds of times, but never distemper. 

My vet said he hadn't vaccinated the three dogs I brought in. I was stunned. I knew all the adult dogs at the kennel would be fine, as they had all had their vaccines, even the rescue dogs, but I had 9 unvaccinated puppies. One by one, they got ill, and either died or I had to have them euthanized. The one who loved me the most, BamBam, hung on for wee…