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Working in new designs in Jewelry class!

We were working on new designs for jewelry in class at Mad Tom Studios in East Dorset, Vermont.

Emptying bisque from kiln today

I had a somewhat productive weekend, making some small bowls, and little dog bone buttons and leaf buttons, plus some samples for Memorial Bone ornaments. I am also working on a new wind chime design, made with a branch of cedar, from which I will hang my chimes. Hoping nothing warped! Will post photos later tonight or tomorrow,

Pottery Fresh From the Kiln!

Some pottery fresh from the kiln. Now that it is warmer in the northern reaches of the United States, I will be throwing and firing a great deal!

Some Pottery

This pottery is wheel thrown or hand built with nontoxic glazes. It can be put in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. Please email me with questions.


Lots of new jewelry!

We have silver, copper and more! Lots of new jewelry, all made by hand from start to finish!