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Got My Mojo Back

Some works in progress

New Urns in the Kiln

I'm always honored when people have me make their pet's final resting place.

Working On An Amethyst Slice Necklace

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Slice, work in progress.

Been in a Funk, with a capital F

I've been kind of in a funk. Actually, I've been in a big funk. I plan on doing something creative when I get home every day, but all I do is go sit on the couch. I'm a big couch potato.

I'm thinking I might have intimidated myself a bit, because up until December when I was in the studio a lot, I was making some more complicated work, which I really loved. Now, when I go in, I'm so rusty, I can't even solder. I dissolved in a pool of tears last week, and went back into the house to sit on the couch. Again. 
I've tried all sorts of things to get out of this funk: yoga, music, meditation, journeying, forcing myself to go into my studio for jewelry and my basement for pottery. The only things I've done recently are urns, because they are custom ordered and paid for, so I do them out of respect for the people and the animals they lost. But everything else: nothing. 
Not even some cool new stones have motivated me to get my butt in gear. I ordered some love…

Just Bought These!!

Nevada Blue Turquoise from @aztraderman on Instagram!