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Seriously? Swastikas?

There seems to be a trend of young "hip" jewelers using the swastika in their work. They claim they are trying to "rehab" the ancient Hindu symbol of good luck. My question is how does showing it in a picture with large cleavage or a tattooed near-naked body do that? And should it be "rehabbed" even if it could be? 
My concern is some older Jewish person coming across this on a young person and seeing it as the symbol of hate and genocide it's known to be. My other concern is young people with no association with the ancient cultures this symbol was used in saying they are rehabbing it. It's cultural exploitation, besides being such a hateful symbol they have no right to rehab. I think people are using it to prove they can push the envelope - the same reason they pose half-naked on Instagram. They think they are so special, the world must celebrate their "specialness."
All I can say is that if I see it, I'm reporting it. Period. It'…

And Now...For Something Completely Different - TA DA!!!!!!!

The Pintail!!! Circa 1969


My jewelry can be found in The Hidden Jewel in Manchester, VT and in the Micropolis Art Gallery in the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market in Gloversville, NY! 

Sterling Bracelet

This bracelet is made of sterling discs, hammered to give them texture, and then linked together. $180. Email me at nancyleedunn@ for details or purchase!