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Some Oldies, Some of My Favorites!

Chinese Jasper and Sterling
Custom Pitbull Necklace
Custom Pitbull Necklace Pendant 
Custom Mug
Silver and white quartz

Custom Memorial Urns, Pet Urns, Dog Urn, Cat Urn, Personalized Urns

I am happy to offer custom and ready-to-go pet urns for your beloved dog or cat. These urns come in three sizes and can be done in almost any color and with additional bones, or dragonflies, or other decorations. Please email me at to order:

Small: 4 to 5 inches, fits up to a 20 lb animal, $40

Medium: approximately 6 inches, fits up to a 45 to 50 pound animal, $60

Large: approximately 8 inches, fits up to an 80 pound animal, $80

Some New Stuff