Story of Northern Woods Studio and Three Feathers Jewelry

I did serious rescue from 2007 to 2010, bringing up from the south and rehoming about 3000 dogs and puppies. My last summer of serious rescue, I took three dogs from a local vet who was the clearing house for dogs in this area. If I didn't take them, they were going to die.

I put them in the kennel we were renting. Since they came from the northeast, I assumed they had their vaccinations. One of them got very ill, with tremors and seizures, and then the other two.  My vet told me he thought it was distemper, as they had a case in the office the other day. Distemper??? I had dealt with parvo hundreds of times, but never distemper. 

My vet said he hadn't vaccinated the three dogs I brought in. I was stunned. I knew all the adult dogs at the kennel would be fine, as they had all had their vaccines, even the rescue dogs, but I had 9 unvaccinated puppies. One by one, they got ill, and either died or I had to have them euthanized. The one who loved me the most, BamBam, hung on for weeks.when I told the vet I was still medicating him, the vet was amazed that he was alive. I loved that puppy beyond reason. He was so sweet, and so tough. They all were. Here are their names:

Jerry Garcia

That was it. I said I was done. To add to the indignity of it all, my vet gave me a huge bill for the treatment and for euthanizing my babies. I never wanted to rescue again.

For the next two years, I would pull dogs and pay for their vetting and transport to fosters. Now, I sponsor dogs and pups to get out, but don't have any fosters here. I do have my own five, four of whom were "problem" children and "returns." 

I almost did nothing for rescue after losing the 9 pups the pain was so great, but luckily, I started making pottery and painting. I found that when my hands were busy, my heart didn't ache as much. I added jewelry two years later, and it is the same: healing to my sadness, calming to my frustration over how we treat animals. I began studying shamanism a few years ago, and it just clicked - a natural fit to my love of nature and the beings in it. 

My business is based around animals and nature. Whether it's making urns for a beloved pet, or a dragonfly or bear necklace to give someone a connection to Mother Earth, almost all of my work is steeped in the natural world and our relationship with it. 

These are four of my five "problems." I adore them all. From top to bottom are Beau, Memphis, Penny and Soja and Beau. They are my buddies, my trusted friends and my inspiration. I am blessed beyond words to have a relationship with Mother Earth and her loving animals. 


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